Screening in Beijing, Dec 9th, as part of "Nine Days to See"

Organized by Bo Wang and conceived by Song Yi, Guo Jinhong & Kou Ta

Clearing Agent (2015), Zeljka Blaksic aka Gita Blak
Dedicated to (2017), William Song
Senses of Time (2017), Wenhua Shi
Where It Flows Out Into Plains (2016), Hiroshi Sunairi
The Fall (2018), Edwin Lo
(better not) Set This Hat on Fire (2011), Heather Renée Russ
If I come back to this life, I’d like to be an American Dentist (2011), Manuel Molina Martagon
A Charming Summer in the Ice City (unfinished), Jacob Dreyer, Benny Shaffer & Bo Wang

5pm - post midnight, Dec 9th, 2018.

Blaksic_work sample_11.jpg