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Željka Blakšić AKA Gita Blak born in Zagreb, Croatia (former Yugoslavia); is an interdisciplinary artist whose inspiration often stems from the sub-culture of the 1990s-era in Croatia, when punk, anarcho and eco movements were having a renewal. Resistance manifested itself through the cooperation and gathering of different alternative social groups. This experimental environment became a university of rebellion–a key force, giving voice to new expressions of democracy, justice, common values and free speech. Her artistic career began in early adolescence in the field of music. The current work reflects long-term collaborations with musicians, choirs and collectives often placed in non-traditional architectural spaces. Blakšić’s interest lies in possibilities and peripheral areas of different media by merging the visual and audio. She works across multiple disciplines; the constants in her practice are performance, 16mm film, video and installation. Recent exhibitions include “It Won’t Be Long Now, Comrades!” curated by Inga Lāce & Katia Krupennikova at Framer Framed in Amsterdam; “The Witnessing Event” curated by Rashmi Viswanathan at Los Sures Museum in NY; "BROUHAHA" project at Recess SOHO; "Claim Space" performance at Museum of Modern Art, NY; Artizen Cluj, Romania; BRIC Contemporary Art Gallery, NY; Gallery Augusta, Helsinki; District Kunst- und Kulturförderung, Berlin; AIR Gallery, NY; Active Space, NY; Urban Festival in Croatia; Gallery of SESI, Sao Paolo, Brazil; The Kitchen, NY and The Khyber Center for the Arts in Canada. She was a recipient of the Residency Unlimited & National Endowment for the Arts Award 2017, New York USA; Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto Residency 2017, Biella, Italy;  Recess Session commission 2016, New York USA; A.I.R. Gallery Fellowship Program for emerging women artists 2014/15, New York USA; The District Kunst Award 2013, Berlin; New York Foundation for the Arts Residency 2012, Paula Rhodes Award 2010, New York USA, and many others. Most recently she was a resident at MuseumsQuartier Program/ Q21, Vienna, Austria.